Wrangler Fuel Economy Estimations

The Unlimited model of Jeep Wrangler is a fuel efficient 4-door vehicle. Jeep Wrangler unlimited gas mileage details are given here.

Engine Specs

The 4-door Wrangler Unlimited model is equipped with a 3.8-liter V6 engine, which is coupled to either a manual six-speed or automatic four-speed transmission, designed to develop 237 pounds-ft of torque and 202 hp of power.

wrangler unlimited

2009 Wrangler Unlimited Gas Mileage

Coming to fuel economy estimations of 2009 version, the model with either automatic or manual transmission systems have the ability to achieve 19 mpg on highway and 15 mpg in city. Coming to Sahara and Sport model, they achieve an average fuel economy of 20 mpg and 25 mpg respectively.

Expressway Mileage Testing

Jeep Wrangler unlimited gas mileage ratings under different conditions are mentioned here.

If the vehicle is running with air conditioning system and cruise control at 68 MPH, then the average achieved fuel economy is 21.2 miles per gallon. The fuel economy will improve by about 1 mpg if the vehicle’s cruise control is set to 72 miles per hour speed and A/C off.

The engine of this vehicle runs by using traditional unleaded fuel. The installed 22.5 gallon capacity gas tank offers a good quantity of range.

There is no wrong the vehicle for the speed fiend, as it gets a relaxed trot up to highway speeds.

These are some Jeep Wrangler Unlimited gas mileage details.

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